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Increasing fuel prices and stringent targets for CO2 emissions are prompting action to improve combustion efficiency. Installation of Optidrive™ variable speed drives to control combustion air fans can significantly reduce energy consumption.

• Industrial Boilers & Ovens

• Anodising

• Crate Washing

• Parts Washing

• Car Production

• Bottle Washing

• Petro-chemical

• Pharmaceutical

• Rotational Moulding

• Chemical Processes

• Cleaning-in-Place (CIP)


Variable Speed Drives for Burner Applications


Burners are widely used across many applications and industries to provide a controllable heat source. Traditional burners incorporate control systems utilising mechanical methods to control the amount of air and fuel supplied, and thus controlling heat output. These systems may be difficult to correctly commission and, through gradual wear over time, can result in an incorrect air / fuel ratio being used thus wasting energy and increasing operating costs.


Optidrive™ variable speed drives provide a cost effective, energy efficient method to directly control the air supply fan speed, negating the requirement for mechanical dampers and ensuring that the correct amount of air is supplied under all conditions. Controlling fan speed directly provides the most energy efficient method, and allows the fuel ratio to also be adjusted in relation to air pressure, minimising mechanical linkages and ensuring that the correct air / fuel ratio is maintained throughout the burners operating life.


Using Optidrive™ also greatly improves burner safety, ensuring the burner operates within safe limits at all times. As a result, burner ownership costs are greatly reduced, and fuel is used efficiently throughout the burner operating lifetime.

Save Energy, Reduce Costs, Improve Safety

Save Energy, Fuel & Money


Reduce electricity consumption through fan speed control

Reduce fuel consumption through optimised air / fuel ratio


Reduce Maintenance Costs


Simplified mechanical arrangement reduces wear

Prolonged motor life through reduced operating speed & load

Improved Safety


Maintain Correct air / fuel ratio during changing operation

Reduced risk of CO creation

Improved control ensures the correct temperature setpoint is maintained more accurately

Technology that pays for itself


Saving Energy / Reducing CO2

With large scale increases in global energy costs and the introduction of taxes and legislation relating to the industrial production of CO2 gases the need to reduce energy consumption and save money has never been greater. Optidrive™ variable speed drives can be used with environmental sensors to reduce speed in burner applications without compromising the required output of the system.


Easy Installation

Compact and modern design utilising the latest available technology has accumulated in robust drives with small dimensions and innovative mounting and cabling features.


Simple Commissioning

14 parameter basic setup. Default settings suitable for most applications. Contactor style connection for simple wiring.


Compact Enclosures

Small mechanical envelopes to help minimise your space requirements.


Industrial Ambient Ratings

Up to 50°C operation.


Easy Integration

Flexible communication options.

Combustion Air Fan Control

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