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Pump Drive Features


Optiflow multiple pump control technology within the compact, easy to use Optidrive Eco variable speed drive is just one in a series of specialist features in this drive dedicated to energy efficient, flexible pump control.

HVAC Drive Features


Optidrive Eco HVAC variable frequency drives not only feature innovative energy saving features, they also operate with standard IM Motors, Permanent Magnet or Synchronous Reluctance motors, all without requiring any feedback device or optional modules – simply change parameters to suit the connected motor, autotune and operate.

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Controlling Your HVAC System


Optidrive Eco has a PID controller built in that is fully integrated with both HVAC and energy efficient features and is packaged in a user friendly way to ensure ease of use and fast commissioning. Now in the majority of applications it has become possible to eliminate the need for external controllers.


Multiple Fan Operation


Co-ordinated fan station control built-in to each Optidrive Eco as standard allows independent control in multiple fan or fan bank applications.

• All drives operate as variable speed for maximum energy saving.


• Equal run time sharing across each fan / fan bank.


• Automatic system reconfiguration in the event of a fan fault.


• Continued system operation when drives are individually powered off.


• Communication and +24V control voltage shared between drives via a standard RJ45 patch lead.


• Independent maintenance indicators for each fan bank.


• Any fan bank can be switched to Hand operation at the touch of a button and will automatically

   rejoin the network when switched back to Auto.


• For belt driven fan applications each fan can be set for belt break detection.


• Optional mains isolator with lockoff for safe system maintenance.


• Drives configured through simple parameter set-up and intelligent drive self configuration.


Also ideal for multi-stage / booster set pumping operations.


Comfortable safe & sustainable environments

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Hand / Auto


Allows immediate manual pump control in the event of an automatic control system failure or for simplified commissioning / system checks and when a fast temporary override of the control system is required. Built-in 'Auto Control Selection' allows return to automatic system control just as easily.

Belt Break Detection


Optidrive Eco can provide immediate warning of broken belt between motor and fan. Due to its simple and flexible configuration the feature can also be used for any loss of load condition, such as broken coupling or other mechanical failure.


Optidrive Eco monitors the load output profile throughout the speed range and compares it to normal operating conditions (established during commissioning). Sensitivity adjustment means that it is possible to detect the indications of a belt failure (such as belt slipping) prior to complete failure of the belt.

Noise Reduction


Quiet Motor Operation

High switching frequency selection (up to 32kHz) ensures motor noise is minimised.



Quiet System Mechanics

Simple skip frequency selection avoids stresses and noise caused by mechanical resonance in ducting or pipework.



Quiet Drive Operation

Temperature-controlled cooling fans ensure quiet operation in periods of reduced load.



Noise Reduction through Speed Control

Optimising motor speed gives significant energy savings and reduces motor noise.


Resonance Avoidance


Resonance frequencies in motors and mechanical components can rapidly cause damage and increased maintenance costs. By programming Optidrive Eco to avoid these frequencies damage can be prevented and maintenance costs reduced.


When programmed to skip through a resonance frequency the Optidrive Eco run at the resonant frequency only momentarily (whilst accelerating or decelerating to a safe operating speed), rather than allowing continuously operation at the problematic frequency.

Drive Controlled Bypass


Optidrive Eco can operate as a bypass controller when installed as part of a bypass circuit. Activation of Bypass mode can be determined intelligently by the Optidrive Eco drive based on a command from the building management system. Additionally the drive can be set to automatically select bypass mode when entering into a trip condition ensuring minimal disruption to service.

Save Energy


Accurate speed control of fans and pumps provides the most energy efficient control method


Energy optimisation function minimises energy usage in real time under partial load conditions


Sleep & wake functions ensure operation only when required


AC Variable Speed Drive

Save Money


Advanced on-board features remove the need for peripheral equipment


Intelligent maintenance interval timing allows programmable maintenance reminders, avoiding costly downtime


Automatic load monitoring provides an early warning of potential faults, such as belt failures or blocked filters


Save Time


Built in keypad and OLED text display provides intuitive operation


Simple parameter structure with carefully selected default values reduce commissioning time


Practical design allows easy access to power and control terminals without specialist tools

Optimising Efficiency


Energy Optimisation

The advanced optimisation function intelligently matches energy usage to the pump load to ensure your pump operates at maximum efficiency.



Energy Monitoring

The inbuilt energy consumption meters allow energy consumption to be clearly displayed and savings to be calculated.



Resonance Avoidance

Optidrive Eco can be easily configured to avoid frequencies that cause resonance in pumping systems, preventing unnecessary noise and mechanical damage to motors and pipework.



In-built Sleep Mode with Auto-boost

Sleep mode saves energy by detecting when a pump is running inefficiently and producing little useful work. Optidrive Eco can be programmed to enter into a sleep/disabled mode until the demand increases. To help prevent sleep mode oscillation, Optidrive Eco can automatically initiate a boost cycle to increase pressure on starting or stopping.



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