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Dedicated Elevator Drive


The Elevator Variable Frequency Drive is the 2nd generation dedicated elevator drive from Invertek Drives, designed to provide smooth, reliable carriage control in all elevator applications.


The compact external dimensions simplify installation, whilst optional incremental/EnDat encoder feedback interfaces allow compatibility with a wide range of motors.


Invertek's renowned motor control capability ensures maximum ride comfort under all conditions, with five independent S-ramps and dedicated motor holding brake control algorithm allowing fine tuning of the system.


Elevator Variable Frequency Drive also incorporates Safe Torque Off* as standard, and a range of features including Rescue Mode.


5 independent S-ramps for smooth carriage control

Control of IM and PM motors

Rescue mode operation

Built-in EMC filter

Advanced on-board features

Easy to use

Compact Elevator Drive


4 - 37 kW  /  5 - 50 HP

200 - 480V 3 Phase Input

Elevator Variable Frequency Drive Features


Smooth & reliable elevator control with variable frequency



Sizes 2-3; up to 11kW


Sizes 4-5; up to 37kW



Control of IM and PM motors in a single

   product, geared or gearless systems

Open loop or Closed loop vector (with

   incremental encoder) control of standard IM


Open loop or Closed loop (with incremental/

   EnDat encoder) control of PM motors


Comfortable Ride


Includes 5 independent S-Ramps allowing fine

   tuning of ride performance and jerk free


Short floor operation reduces carriage travel


High motor switching frequency (max 32kHz)

   for quiet motor operation

Dedicated motor brake control algorithm for

   safe and smooth operation of the motor brake


Advanced Features


Anti-Rollback (With Encoder).

Rescue mode operation possible with external UPS

On-board simple PLC function allows custom

   application programs to be written and

   interfacing with a wide variety of control


Modbus RTU and CANopen as standard

Full load operation up to 50ºC with no de-


Safe Torque Off function (TUV Approved) built

   in as standard

Output contactor control for SIL 3 compliance


Easy to Use


Dedicated elevator drive with logical

   parameter and function groups

Factory parameter settings suited to simple

   elevator applications for fast start up

Drive setup using familiar elevator units

Standstill motor autotune – no shaft rotation –

   no rope removal required

Wireless parameterisation (Using Optistick

   with OptiTools Studio)


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